Course Overview 
The purpose of this course is to present cutting edge information in the areas of sports medicine, exercise science and common sports related injury and illness that family physicians can directly apply to the care of their active and athletic patients. At the conclusion of the course, participants will be invited to apply lessons learned to the care of athletes competing in the Ironman® World Triathlon Championships as volunteers in the Ironman® Medical tent. They will be allowed to volunteer for 5 hours in the tent under the direct supervision of the Ironman® Conference Faculty. This 5-hour “mini-internship” allows the participant to see hands on application of the material learned in the course.

Course Learning Objectives 
Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:
1. Describe recent advances regarding various medical problems and their impact on the athlete and exercise performance.
2. Identify current recommendations for proper nutrition in active and athletic patients.
3. Illustrate key skills in the diagnosis and management of common musculoskeletal problems encountered by family physicians.
4. Diagnose common problems encountered by endurance athletes and effectively treat these conditions.
5. Define common medical-legal issues relevant to the sports medicine physician.

Target Audience/Intended Audience 
The curriculum is directed to Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, PM&R, Orthopedics specialists as well as Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Exercise Scientists and others who want to earn Continuing Medical Education from leading experts in the field of Primary Care and Sports Medicine.