You may view the lectures for all faculty in two ways:

On a desktop/laptop or on a mobile device.

All lectures will be loaded in pdf format onto DropBox (a file sharing program).

We recommend using a desktop computer to download lectures.  If using a mobile device, scroll down for instructions on how to download the free conference app.

Instructions to download individual lectures

  1. Click on the DropBox Link
  2. Click on the folder labeled  SYLLABUS 2018 IRONMAN
  3. Click on the folder with the author’s name of the lecture you wish to access.
  4. Hover your cursor over the lecture you wish to download-A box will appear to the left of the authors name
  5. Select the box(s) of all lectures you wish to download
  6. Select DOWNLOAD and save to your computer

Instructions to download all of the lectures

You may also download all of the folders at once. (caution this could take some time to download so perform this action when your computer is not needed for work)

  1. Click on the DropBox Link
  2. Hover your cursor over the folder you wish to download- a box will appear to the left of the folder name.
  3. Select all the folders you wish to download.
  4. Select Download and save to your computer.

The best method is to download the conference app to your mobile device. Once installed, open the 2018 Ironman Sports Medicine Conference app, Scroll down towards the bottom of  the app until you come to RESOURCES. Select the icon marked  SYLLABUS. All of the lectures will appear in pdf format.  Note that special lectures by our exhibitors are not included.

You can export all of the lectures to an email address which will then provide direct links to the lectures.

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