Syllabus Files

All lectures are on DropBox (a file sharing program) and contained in one large folder and then in sub folders of each lecturers name.  You may choose to download the entire syllabus folder (caution- these are large files and may take a substantial time to download) or you may download individual lectures by author.  All files are in pdf format.

Lectures are in the process of being uploaded to the web site and should all be available 1 week prior to the conference.

View the folder with all of the syllabus files 

How to download the entire syllabus:

  • click on the link above and open a new window. Dropbox should open.
  • Check the blank box to the left of the folders name (2018 Primary Care Hawaii Conference Syllabus). You may have to hover  your cursor on the folder for the check box to appear. You may select all of the folders or individual folders. You may also open the folder and download individual lectures.
  • Click on “Download” in the right hand menu bar (just under the blue SHARE box)
  • Save to your computer
  • Caution- should you select to download all of the folders at once, we suggest that you do this when your computer is not needed as some of these files are very large.

You may use the agenda below as a guide.