Lectures will be uploaded to this page approximately 1 week prior to the conference.

All lectures are loaded to a DropBox folder. Download each lecture separately by selecting the author below:

How to Download Lectures:

All lectures material are stored on DropBox- a file sharing program.  If you want to download and save only a specific lecture, click on the authors name and this will take you to the file location. Then select the lecture topic, either right click and save or copy and save.

If you wish to download the entire syllabus, first create a folder in your computer.Then click on the MASTER SYLLABUS FOLDERS link  and select all of the folders and copy and save to your computer.  Note that these are large files and can take a long time to download, we suggest you do this in the evening when your computer is not in use.

MASTER SYLLABUS FOLDERS–  This DropBox file contains all of the lectures

Click on the name below to download lectures from that author.

Dr. William W. Dexter Lectures

Dr. Greg Maletis Lectures

Dr. Robert Sallis’s Lectures

Dr. Paul D. Thompson Lectures

Dr. Amanda Weiss Kelly, Lectures

Dr. Todd Weitzenbergs Lectures